imagejawso replied to your post: how much money per month do you spend on food?

Holy shit, how do you spend so little money?! Teach me!

Well, it’s kinda easy if you’re down for eating a small variety. My biggest meal of the day is my breakfast, which is usually oatmeal. I buy a giant thing of oats about every two weeks, which costs around two dollars, and usually eat it with lots of fruit and almonds, which range from four to five dollars. Oatmeal keeps me full well into the day. At night, if I missed Stephanie’s dinner, I’ll usually have rice that I top with some sort of veggie. Plus, I live in a communal house, so some weeks I’ll buy the almond milk or nutritional yeast or whatever and other times one of my roommates will pick it up. Little things like that tend to save us all money :)

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